Convenient. Clean. Disruptive. The premade STANDCAP Pouch is an easy-to-use lightweight package providing mess-free dispensing, 99% product evacuation, and instant shelf impact.

The STANDCAP Pouch allowed a market leader to increase sales by nearly 70% and has been shown to outperform other package formats in consumer eye-tracking research.

STANDCAP Pouches for bbq sauce, steak sauce, honey, and jelly
A leading brand’s market share went from 44% to 55% after adding the STANDCAP Pouch as a line extension.
A leading brand’s market share went from 44% to 55% after adding the STANDCAP Pouch as a line extension.


A leading brand is commanding a 23.6% higher price per oz. in the STANDCAP Pouch vs. a rigid package— while increasing overall sales by 69.7%. The new package format is also responsible for the company’s 11% increase in market share.

The new STANDCAP Pouch is turning things upside down


Introducing the Premade STANDCAP Pouch

Provide consumers with a new level of convenience and grow market share with the new premade STANDCAP Pouch from Glenroy.

  • Clean, Controlled Dispensing: Evenly distribute product with no mess and clean product cutoff.
  • Lifestyle Trends: The STANDCAP Pouch is lightweight, portable, and ideal for on-the-go consumers and ecommerce.
  • Ultimate Ease: Easy to open, use, reclose, and store. Also requires less squeeze force and provides more controlled dispensing than squeezable rigid packaging.
  • Transportation & Storage Savings: Unfilled rigid packaging can take up 26 times the space of unfilled pouches designed for the same product. Why ship/store air?
jelly being dispensed from STANDCAP Pouch
  • Lose the Utensil: No spoon/knife required (and no cross-contamination of product from utensils.)
  • Product Evacuation: Consumers can easily access virtually 100% of the product without the frustration of wasted product.
  • Keep it Fresh: Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze® valve maintains product freshness between uses.
  • Top of Mind: Fits in fridge door so it won’t be pushed to the back of the refrigerator and forgotten.
barbecue sauce being dispensed onto ribs using a pouch

Disrupt Your Product Category

The STANDCAP Pouch has been proven successful in the marketplace—increasing market share significantly for an established brand—and the pouch is poised to disrupt entire product categories.

As the exclusive pouch converter of STANDCAP, Glenroy leverages proprietary VOLPAK converting technology to deliver STANDCAP as a premade pouch, providing brands with a low cost of entry option.

car wax inverted stand-up pouch with Aptar closure

Innovative Closure

The STANDCAP Pouch’s innovative closure was developed by Aptar, a leader in dispensing solutions. This patented dispensing solution provides the pouch with stability and features an easy to open flip-lid closure, built-in tamper evidence, and proprietary SimpliSqueeze® valve technology for superior dispensing performance.

SimpliSqueeze® Valve Technology:

  • Provides controlled drip-free dispensing with clean product cutoff
  • Improves oxygen barrier & maintains product freshness between uses
  • SimpliSqueeze® valve can be fully customized for the viscosity of your product and the desired product stream

Tamper Evidence:

  • Built-in ring pull is quick & easy to remove
Inverted pouches use less water, greenhouse gas emissions, and fuel consumption compared to glass bottles

Eco Impact of STANDCAP Pouches

According to a recent environmental and sustainability study by Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), choosing inverted stand-up pouches instead of glass bottles results in:

  • 65% less fossil fuel consumption.
  • 77.8% less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 80.6% less water usage.
Inverted pouches on store shelves

Magnetize Millennials

Our nation’s largest generation has an affinity for pouches, and Mintel’s 2018 Global Packaging Trends study points out innovative flexible packaging as a way to draw millennials shopping the periphery back to center aisles.

In eye-tracking studies within a retail environment, the STANDCAP Pouch was noticed 40% faster & viewed 53% longer than a rigid package.

Our STANDCAP Partners

Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal Solutions

VOLPAK is the leader in developing innovative pouch packaging machinery. Global STANDCAP Pouch applications supported by VOLPAK. Applications specific to North America sold and supported by R.A JONES.

Dispensing Solutions

Aptar’s customized pouch dispensing solution features an easy-to open flip-lid closure and a tamper evident pull ring. Its proprietary SimpliSqueeze® valve technology delivers a drip-free and controlled product dispense.

Fill/Seal Technology

Viking Masek, an industry leader in flexible packaging equipment, completes the supply chain with their fill/seal solutions for pre-made STANDCAP Pouches.



Exclusive Pouch Converter of STANDCAP

For over 50 years, Glenroy has been a trusted supplier of high-quality customized flexible packaging. Specializing in flexible packaging laminations and innovative stand-up pouches, we serve leading brands in a variety of industries.



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