1. Glenroy's STANDCAP and Yucatan Guacamole
    October 8, 2019

    Transforming the Way to Guac with the New Yucatan Squeeze Pouch

    There’s a new package in town that is about to refresh taco Tuesdays.

    Yucatan Guacamole® Squeeze is the first guacamole product to be used in the premade STANDCAP inverted pouch by Glenroy. This game-changing pouch transforms guacamole from a traditional dip to an on-demand condiment while keeping it fresh AND green for up to 10 days after opening.

  2. Inverted pouches compared to glass bottles - sustainability
    May 1, 2019

    Inverted Pouches Greatly Reduce Eco Impact Compared to Glass Bottles

    Glenroy and Uncle Dougie's, an organic barbeque sauce producer, recently worked with the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) to measure the environmental footprint and sustainability of STANDCAP Pouches (inverted pouches) against glass bottles.

  3. Try out the premade STANDCAP Pouch at Pack Expo booth #S-4044
    October 1, 2018

    Try out the Premade STANDCAP Pouch at Pack Expo

    Attending PACK EXPO International next week? Stop by Glenroy’s Booth #S-4044 to try out the new premade STANDCAP Pouch. You’ll see firsthand why this package allowed a leading brand to charge 25% more per oz. while generating a 69.7% increase in sales.

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