1. Glenroy employees working in flexible packaging manufacturing area
    May 7, 2018

    Working at Glenroy

    We provide innovative flexible packaging solutions to companies from various industries including medical, beauty, pet, auto, and consumer products. Any day walking through Glenroy’s manufacturing facility plant, you’ll find us creating pouches and flexible packaging films for our customers ranging from small brands to Fortune 500 companies.

    Our work is rooted in seven values that we live by on a daily basis. We believe in respect, effectiveness, participation, positivity, collaboration, support, and adaptability. We are committed to our customers’ success by focusing on the quality of our employees, services, and products. This in turn allows our customers, employees, and the company to prosper.

  2. Glenroy's new responsive website on computer, tablet, and phone displays
    August 14, 2015

    Introducing the New Glenroy.com

    At Glenroy, our culture is built around the success of our customers. While that sounds like typical mumbo jumbo that a lot of companies say, our customers can vouch for us when it comes to that statement. Our company was founded on providing a superior experience to customers, and for fifty years, we have made that our focus.

    When it came time to update our website, we wanted to make our website more valuable than ever before to our customers and visitors. So, we got to work and added in quite a few new features that we hope you find helpful.

    First of all, the new glenroy.com detects whether you are using a laptop/desktop, tablet, or phone when visiting, and the site delivers a customized experience. It’s much easier to view glenroy.com from your tablet or mobile device than ever before.

    New features of this website include:

    • a...

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