Recycle-ready premade STANDCAP Pouch

The recycle-ready premade STANDCAP Pouch for food is a major win for the environment, consumers, retailers and food safety.

Introducing the recycle-ready premade STANDCAP Pouch! This innovative 100% Polyethylene structure is designed to meet all the critical technical guidelines from the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), and is poised to revolutionize flexible plastic recycling. It delivers all of the premade STANDCAP Pouch environmental benefits:

Up to:

  • 63% less plastic (by weight).
  • 61% less fossil fuel consumption.
  • 62% less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 76% less water usage.
  • 52% less landfill waste

And, the recycle-ready format is poised to reduce landfill waste even more as this structure enters the recycling stream.

Recycle-ready+ enhanced with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content

The innovative, lightweight, & convenient recycle-ready premade STANDCAP Pouch is also available with PCR. 

  • Post consumer resins sourced from milk, juice, and water jugs
  • FDA compliant & suited for direct food contact
  • All polyethylene for recyclability
  • SimpliSqueeze® valve technology improves oxygen barrier & provides controlled dispensing with clean product cutoff
  • Reduced fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and landfill waste compared to alternative rigid packaging formats (plastic & glass bottles)

Pack Expo – Las Vegas

Visit us at booth SU-7925 to learn how the recycle-ready STANDCAP Pouch can help you meet your sustainability goals. Retailers have sustainability commitments that require the support of sustainable flexible packaging, the recycle-ready premade STANDCAP Pouch is the kind of product to make their goals a reality.

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