Shaped Stand-up Pouch with EZ Pour Spout

This spouted pouch provides the convenience of one-handed dispensing, the ease of a flip lid, and a distinctive shape. The patented, unique design of AptarGroup’s wide EZ Pour Spout provides clean and controlled directional pouring for granulates and other dry products (without the mess of pouring through press-to-close zippers). The spout also features an easy-to-use flip lid for easy opening and secure resealing (no more lost caps!) and a built-in pull tab for tamper evidence.

This particular spouted pouch features a registered matte/gloss print with window and is sized to fit a standard box of dry dish detergent.

With a variety of customized shapes, spouts, and closures available, Glenroy offers the capabilities to help you create consumer-centric pouches that stand out.